The Best Direct Mail Automation Software in 2024

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Direct mail automation software allows teams to focus on what matters most — creating effective campaigns and working on what makes campaigns successful.

It now handles manual activities like triggering a direct mail based on customer action, deploying the campaign for print, and tracking response rates.

But how do you select a direct mail automation software that works for you? We’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of the top tools. We’ve considered user reviews, third-party review platforms, required features, and other online resources to determine the best.

Let’s jump in. 

What is Direct Mail Automation Software?

Direct mail automation software streamlines the creation, sending, and tracking of direct campaigns. Marketers use it to segment target audiences, personalize mail pieces, and track delivery and response rates in real time. 

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By leveraging data-driven insights and automation capabilities, businesses can;

  • Optimize their direct mail strategies
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Drive more impactful marketing outcomes

For example, Vacation Reputation uses direct mail automation software just as they would use email marketing software. They used Postalytics to personalize campaigns at scale, implement QR codes, and track important metrics through the dashboard. This helped the company drive vacation rental ROI.

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Benefits of Direct Mail Automation Software

Direct mail marketing is becoming more popular because businesses are realizing it’s as simple as email marketing. Below are four key benefits why you should adopt it.

Saves time and effort

Direct mail automation software eliminates manual tasks such as printing, addressing, and mailing, reducing labor-intensive efforts. For example, you can integrate the tool with your CRM and import lists instead of manually entering the address details. 

Additionally, automation features enable users to set up drip campaigns, triggered mailings, and personalized content at scale, saving time on campaign execution. 

Increases response rates and conversions

How many times has your direct mail returned because of an incorrect address? With direct mail automation software, you can reduce manual errors. Your team doesn’t have to enter the details manually – you can import it. 

Combine that with the power of personalization at scale using features like variable data and logic. And you’re looking at increased conversion rates for your campaigns.

Easy tracking and reporting

Direct mail automation software facilitates easy tracking and reporting by providing comprehensive analytics tools. It tracks key metrics such as delivery rates, response rates, conversions, and ROI.

Users can access detailed reports that offer insights into campaign performance and audience engagement. Integration with CRM systems and other marketing platforms enables seamless data synchronization, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Reducing costs

Direct mail automation software reduces costs by eliminating traditional expenses associated with manual direct mail campaigns. For example, Goodman Manufacturing used Postalytics to remove manual workflows and utilizes different features to automate many activities. This helped them save labor costs and time. It also helped them increase their ROI.

Top 12 Direct Mail Automation Software

Here are the 12 best direct mail automation tools that can help streamline your direct marketing campaigns.

1. Postalytics

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Postalytics empowers businesses to easily create, send, and track highly effective campaigns. The platform features intuitive drag-and-drop design tools, allowing users to craft visually stunning mailers tailored to their audience. 

Its robust automation capabilities enable the setup of drip campaigns, triggered mailings, and personalized content, streamlining workflows and saving valuable time and resources. You can even use pURL and QR codes to bring recipients online and track their activity.

The tool offers comprehensive tracking and analytics, providing real-time insights into campaign performance, delivery rates, and customer engagement.

2. PostGrid

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PostGrid offers an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop design tools that make crafting personalized direct mail campaigns a breeze. Its automation features enable users to set up drip campaigns easily and trigger mailings. 

PostGrid offers robust tracking and analytics, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and customer engagement. However, some users may find the pricing structure slightly steep for smaller businesses, and occasional technical glitches may occur. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, this direct mail automation software is a powerful tool for driving impactful direct mail campaigns, delivering tangible results, and boosting ROI. 

3. Sendoso

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Sendoso is the perfect direct mail automation platform for personalized gifting. It helps businesses create memorable, impactful experiences for their customers and prospects. 

With Sendoso’s intuitive interface and a vast library of gift options, users can easily craft customized gifting campaigns. They also offer AI-enhanced personalization to create gifting options tailored to your buyer personas. 

The platform’s automation capabilities enable the seamless execution of drip campaigns and triggered mailings, maximizing efficiency and saving valuable time. Its robust tracking and analytics provide valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing users to optimize their strategies for better results.

4. Lob

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Lob offers a no-code direct mail platform that helps businesses create personalized and optimized direct mail. You can use the platform to create campaigns like remarketing, upselling, and lead nurturing.

Their analytics show you revenue and conversion lift. It also allows you to execute multivariate tests using their automation platform.

The tool’s integration capabilities enable users to sync data from CRM systems and other marketing platforms, ensuring a cohesive marketing approach. Its emphasis on customization extends beyond design, with options for variable data printing and personalized messaging to enhance engagement. However, users may find the learning curve for advanced features steep, and customer support could be more responsive.

5. Reachdesk

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Reachdesk works on the belief that the future is hyper-personalized gifting. It offers a comprehensive platform that combines personalized gifting with advanced campaign management features. 

With Reachdesk, businesses can seamlessly integrate personalized gifts into their marketing campaigns, creating great experiences for their target audience. This can even increase brand loyalty and trust. 

The platform’s intuitive interface and robust automation capabilities streamline campaign setup and execution, saving time and resources. They offer different gifting options to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring relevance and engagement. 

You can track campaign effectiveness and optimize future campaigns accordingly. 

6. Click2Mail

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Click2Mail helps make your enterprise mailing efficient by working on different direct mail formats like postcards, booklets, brochures, etc. The platform also provides different features like PDF-to-mail and email-to-mail converters. Using these, you can speed up your creation process.

They also allow you to reach every mailbox in the neighborhood without requiring a list. This is great for local businesses. If you need a custom list, they will help you create one for your business.

Overall, the platform is great, but it provides limited customization options. However, some users may find the interface outdated compared to modern direct mail automation tools.

7. Earth Class Mail

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Earth Class Mail offers a unique suite of features to revolutionize traditional mail management. Its standout feature is its virtual mailbox service, allowing users to access their physical mail online anywhere. This feature enables businesses and individuals to digitize their mail, reducing the need for physical storage and streamlining mail processing workflows. 

Earth Class Mail also provides advanced mail automation tools, including check depositing, mail forwarding, and document scanning services, further enhancing efficiency and convenience. 

Additionally, the platform offers integrations with popular business tools such as Dropbox, QuickBooks, and Salesforce, facilitating seamless workflow integration. 

8. Inkitt

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Inkitt is making direct mail accessible to companies of all sizes and budgets. While the platform is not live, you can register your email address. You’ll get notified when they start their services.

They have designed the platform in a way that makes direct mail automation simple for companies. They are trying to provide businesses with low-cost printing rates with no minimum order size. 

With their intuitive dashboard, importing your contact list and crafting your campaign takes minutes rather than days or weeks. You have the capability to schedule future mailings for automatic dispatch and monitor the results in real time as they unfold.

9. PostPilot

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PostPilot distinguishes itself with a comprehensive set of features aimed at simplifying and enhancing direct mail marketing efforts. One of its important features is an intuitive campaign builder. This allows users to effortlessly create personalized mail campaigns tailored to their target audience. 

With dynamic content blocks and customization options, users can easily design eye-catching mailers that resonate with recipients. PostPilot also offers advanced automation capabilities, enabling users to schedule mailings, set triggers, and segment their audience for targeted outreach. 

Additionally, the platform provides robust tracking and analytics tools, allowing users to monitor campaign performance and optimize strategies for maximum impact. 


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Image source is a closed-loop system that helps businesses create, deploy, and track their omnichannel campaigns. This direct mail automation tool allows users to segment their audience based on various criteria, personalize content at scale, and schedule mailings for optimal timing.

It also offers a CRM that is specially designed for direct mail marketers. Marketers can perform address validation, use a no-code editor, get ready-made campaign templates, proof their designs, and implement QR codes.

You can easily procure/import data from your CRM or other tech stack to deploy campaigns seamlessly.

11. Postie

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Postie distinguishes itself with unique features tailored to streamline and enhance direct mail marketing efforts. The platform offers an intuitive dashboard that simplifies campaign management, allowing users to seamlessly upload their creatives, target their audience, and easily schedule mailings. 

The tool’s advanced targeting capabilities enable precise segmentation based on demographics, behaviors, and purchase history, ensuring that each mailer reaches the right audience at the right time. 

It also provides tracking and analytics tools, allowing users to monitor campaign performance and optimize direct mail strategies. 

12. DirectMailManager

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In addition to its user-friendly interface and advanced audience segmentation capabilities, DirectMailManager offers several unique features that set it apart in direct mail marketing platforms. 

One feature is its dynamic content personalization, allowing users to create customized mailers that resonate with recipients on a personal level. This dynamic content feature enables the insertion of personalized elements such as names, images, and offers based on recipient data, increasing engagement and response rates. 

This direct mail marketing platform offers A/B testing functionality, allowing users to experiment with different mail designs, offers, and messaging to determine the most effective strategies for their audience. 

How to Choose a Direct Mail Automation Software?

Here are a few factors that will help you determine the right direct mail automation solution for your business.

  • Set objectives: Start by defining your business objectives and goals for your direct mail campaigns. Determine what you aim to achieve, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, driving sales, or enhancing customer retention.
  • Assess your budget: Consider your budget constraints and determine how much you’re willing to invest in direct mail automation software. 
  • Evaluate features: Look for features that align with your objectives and requirements. Consider factors like ease of use, campaign customization options, automation capabilities, audience segmentation, tracking and analytics, etc.
  • Check reviews: Research and read reviews from other users to gauge their experiences with the software. Look for testimonials and case studies to see how the software has helped businesses similar to yours achieve their goals.
  • Request demos or trials: Take advantage of free trials or request demos to get hands-on experience with the platform. 
  • Consider integrations: If you use other marketing tools or platforms, such as CRM systems or email marketing software, ensure that the direct mail automation software integrates seamlessly with them. This will streamline your workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Choose a software solution that can scale with your business as it grows. Ensure it offers flexibility to adapt to changing needs and requirements over time.

Set Up Direct Mail Automation With Postalytics

Choosing a direct mail automation software is no easy task. You need to look at various factors to find the right one for your business. 

By partnering with Postalytics, you’re guaranteed to find the right set of features and functionalities. Above all, we have worked with hundreds of clients to get you a library of readymade templates that you can use.

We even provide you with custom lists, so you don’t have to spend time gathering data from multiple sources. To learn more about how to utilize Postalytics, register for a free demo or get your free account today.