eCommerce Marketing Automation: How to Get Started and Best Platforms to Use

The eCommerce industry often struggles to connect with its customers due to a lack of face-to-face interactions. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you use a CRM like Sapier, Keap, HubSpot, or Salesforce, things will be much easier for you. Marketers can connect a system such as Postalytics to your CRM, set up a plan, define promotional triggers, and then analyze results. Everything in between can be automated and completely eliminated from day-to-day workflows. This way, you can save the time it takes to feed customer data into the automatic system.

eCommerce marketing automation has improved marketing strategies by reducing the number of technical and tedious responsibilities. 

If you want to learn more about how Postalytics works, you can check its demo. But before that, read further to learn what is eCommerce marketing automation, how it works, and why you may need it soon.

What is Marketing Automation Technology?

What comes to mind when you think about marketing automation? 

Some might imagine a well-designed database that uses data to engage with consumers. Maybe you’ll think about a direct mail marketing system that offers automatically set retargeting of cold leads. And you’d be right. Marketing automation technology offers all the above and much more.

Marketing automation technologies are systems or software that manage regular marketing tasks without assistance or help from humans. These impressive modern-day technologies offer a system designed to transform simple marketing campaigns into measurable and repeatable success stories. Automation software use data as knowledge to help you generate more leads, understand your market response and build hyper-effective campaigns.

Marketing automation can do wonders for just about any business. It helps you avoid guesswork and gut-feeling impulses in order to execute a precise and personalized marketing plan. 

For example, here’s one such system. Postalytics is a direct mail automation platform that helps you design, print, and ship letters and postcards at the right time to nurture the entire customer journey.

What is eCommerce Marketing Automation?

eCommerce marketing automation software uses the same technology, only more catered to eCommerce needs. It still helps marketers handle, schedule and control repetitive tasks. 

Automation helps eCommerce stores and websites attract more customers, get leads, and boost sales. Opting for an eCommerce marketing system is equal to hiring a marketing team to perform repetitive marketing-related tasks for you. Based on the software you choose, it can be extremely reliable, resilient, punctual, efficient, and easy to handle.

Besides that, eCommerce marketing automation software makes marketing easy and simple for eCommerce businesses. A modern-day system like Postalytics allows business owners to connect their CRM with the automation system. This way, businesses can boost profits and expand in a few years.

How does eCommerce Marketing Automation Work?

eCommerce marketing automation works with CRM systems to create triggers according to the collected data, such as app usage, website visits, emails, birthdays, holidays, locations, etc. The automation system can help you get a 360-degree view of your consumers. Additionally, the collected data can help marketers unearth customer behaviors, ways to connect with customers, and customer problems.

Automation systems like Postalytics streamline marketing response according to segmentation and targeting processes that quickly identify potential customers. The system will create each message based on the problem your customer faces. This makes the message relevant and valuable for the reader, and they’re more likely to reach out to the brand. The system will send these messages to your audience through email or direct mail, or a combination of both. This way, you can easily nurture leads and encourage potential customers to purchase your products.

If you use Postalytics, you’ll be able to track campaign responses in real-time. Each postcard or letter can contain a QR code or pURL that will lead to a specific website and trigger a sales call.

Why Use eCommerce Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation platforms offer plenty of benefits for both small and bigger eCommerce stores. Here are a few reasons to use marketing automation for your business.

Marketers can save time

The very first reason to choose automation software like Postalytics is that it will help save a lot of time. 

With help from Postalytics, you don’t have to sit in front of a computer and wait for the right second to send a piece of direct mail to your customer. You can simply automate the process and let Postalytics mail your customer at the right time, even if you’re asleep. You can put your energy, effort, and time into managing and expanding your business or spending more quality time with your family. Both are better alternatives.

Reduces human error

After all, when employees have lots of responsibilities, mistakes can slip through the cracks easily. It happens all the time.

Sending direct mail to a customer, collecting customer information, or choosing your audience are all tedious tasks and subject to human error due to their repetitive nature.

When you have an automated system in place, you can easily avoid such errors and issues. Automatic systems work based on algorithms and calculations that prevent them from making any mistakes. So, the benefit of choosing the right automation system is that you can implement marketing initiatives without facing any roadblocks.

Improves engagement at scale

Engaging with a large number of customers at the same time is difficult. Even if you try to build a deeper relationship with customers, you can hardly resonate with the masses. But marketing automation tools allow you to engage with as many people as you want and help you make it as personal as it gets. You can automate sending a happy birthday postcard to every customer on their birthday. A personalized approach drives engagement. Now, you can do it at scale.

What are the Different Types of Marketing Automation?

Different types of marketing automation systems can help you based on your needs and requirements. Here are some of the most common and effective types of marketing automation that you can choose from.

CRM automation

CRM integrations go hand-in-hand with eCommerce. CRM automation is the best option to streamline tasks, boost conversation rates, and generate more leads. This way, you can access a centralized platform to manage all your user data and marketing.

Postalytics offers seamless CRM integration. This means you can connect your CRM with Postalytics to streamline your marketing campaigns. Postalytics can easily extract information from your CRM to understand your market – you don’t have to manually feed it any data. So, marketers can use the information to create hyper-effective campaigns and communicate with the target audience at the right time.

Email marketing automation

Typically, your potential customers interact with you several times before they become consumers. This is when targeted email campaigns can interact with your prospects and share useful information about your products, company, and market trends to nurture and build trust in them. Email marketing automation helps you identify your prospects and engage with them.

Lead management automation

This is another type of automation that helps you manage leads. The highest priority of any marketing team is to generate and manage leads. Lead management automation makes the process easy and simpler for marketers by automating the process of acquiring and qualifying leads. This way, when you decide on your lead qualification criteria, you just need to adjust the settings so that the system can identify your prospects through relevant triggers. Make sure you never miss out on an opportunity to engage with potential customers.

One Easy Marketing Automation Strategy that Works

If you want your marketing automation strategy to work, it needs to be simple. Here are some basic aspects that you need to consider to create an automation marketing strategy through Postalytics or any other automation tool.

Use valuable content to engage users

While it’s important to create an effective message through your automation marketing campaign, you don’t need royal jargon or complex designs. You need to share content that is easy to understand, offers value to your customers, and solves consumers’ problems. Sharing realistic and valuable information with your prospects will help build trust and connections that make the world go round.

Set up a drip campaign

Setting up a drip campaign will help you engage with customers based on their online behavior. This way, your letters, postcards, and emails don’t look like a robot sends them. Instead, customers will feel like a company wholeheartedly cares about them.

Nurtures your customers

If you don’t sell your products on day one, it’s important to continue nurturing your potential customers. Set a campaign to help them understand the basics of your company and product. This will create additional touchpoints that can lead to a sale down the road.

Study the results

Once you initiate a campaign, analyze the results. With Postalytics, you can track and measure your direct mail impact from a single dashboard. Try to understand what aspects you can improve and what things have helped you attract customers. Eliminate everything that’s not serving you well. Then, use this knowledge to design your next winning marketing campaign.

What Is The Best Software for eCommerce Marketing Automation Software?

To choose the right software, you need to consider your company’s needs and abilities. 

Postalytics brings a single platform that can integrate with CRM and other marketing tools to deliver the most powerful marketing mix available out there. 

Bottom Line

Automated marketing is a powerful method that will help you cut through the noise and stand out with your customers. It’s fast, easy, and hyper-effective.

Postalytics brings a direct mail marketing system that automatically prints, sorts, and sends personalized letters and postcards to customers. Check it out today. 

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