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Direct Mail Using Postalytics

Automate Redtail Direct Mail Using Postalytics

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Ways to use Direct Mail in Redtail

  • Use to send Direct Mail to Leads thats have changed status in the pipeline
  • Send Direct Mail, such as a Holiday Card, to all Contacts in an Account
  • Add Direct Mail tracking e.g. received date, visited PURL, to a Contact’s record.
  • Copy a Direct Mail campaign and resend to clients that have little interaction
  • Automate sending a Direct mail postcard to an opportunity’s Primary Contact

How to send Direct Mail from Redtail

  • Trigger Direct Mail when a new lead is created
  • Integrated into a list import of many types
  • On a lead to contact conversion
  • One click to send Direct Mail to your entire contact list
  • Trigger that runs when an opportunity is set to closed-lost
  • Workflow rule on change in lead or contact’s job title

What Is Postalytics

Direct Mail Automation, Tracking & Analytics

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