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Hero - Direct Mail Course

Inside This Course

What is Direct Mail, and Why is it Effective?


Direct Mail Marketing Overview


The Purpose and Beneftis of a Creative Brief


Best Practices for Effective Direct Mail Campaigns


The Right Direct Mail Format and Offer for Your Audience


Track and Analyze Your Direct Mail Campaigns


Direct Mail Marketing: Putting it All Together


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Hands-On Learning Experience

Dive into direct mail with hands-on exercises that bring theoretical concepts to life, equipping you with practical, real-world skills.

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From Basics to Advanced Techniques

Understand everything from the fundamentals to sophisticated strategies in direct mail, with step-by-step guidance for every learning stage.

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Expert-Led Modules

Learn from industry leaders whose extensive experience and insights will elevate your understanding of direct mail marketing.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“It surprised me to learn I can be more targeted in my direct mail for real estate marketing than I could be with digital!”

Tim O’Hare – Real Living McLemore & Co., Realtors

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