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Zapier GreenRope Direct Mail Integration

Our Zapier GreenRope Direct Mail Integration makes it super easy to send automated postcards and letters to your audience with Postalytics. Greenrope is a leading “Complete CRM” that includes Marketing Automation, Sales Pipelines and Customer Service features. Your sales, marketing and customer services teams can now trigger personalized direct mail through GreenRope.

The setup is easy and then even the least tech savvy people will be able to trigger personalized and tracked direct mail pieces. This is done at the “Person” level within Greenrope through the “Activities” function. There are no minimums with Postalytics so start firing off those mailers!

How To Use The Zapier GreenRope Direct Mail Integration

Essentially, Zapier acts as the intermediary between GreenRope and Postalytics. Zapier is the easy to use, yet powerful integration platform that both GreenRope and Postalytics have written interfaces to. In order to use the Zapier GreenRope direct mail integration, you’ll need to do a little setup in each of the tools. Once it is setup, the Zapier GreenRope direct mail integration will run for as long as you have Postalytics Drip Campaign Credits available.

After you’ve connected your GreenRope account to your Zapier account, you’ll choose a Greenrope “Trigger” out of the the Greenrope library.

Greenrope Direct Mail IntegrationGreenrope Direct Mail Integration

Connect your Postalytics account so that Zapier can make the “Zap” between GreenRope and Postalytics. Then go into your GreenRope account and in your contacts menu, click the “Add Activity” and designate what type of action will trigger out direct mail.


Greenrope Direct Mail Integration

Under the “Add Activity” is where you select what type of actions will trigger the automated zap that your are setting up. You can set the type of activity for different groups of contacts in your GreenRope CRM.



Greenrope Direct Mail Integration

Make sure you save the Activity so that Zapier can find it and pull the action from GreenRope.


Greenrope Direct Mail Integration

Once you’ve chosen your trigger, you can get the Webhook URL by copying it to your clipboard

Greenrope Direct Mail Integration


You can then select the GreenRope trigger in Zapier. After setting up a trigger press continue and Zapier will test the “Zap” to make sure the two are correctly paired. Zapier will generate a sample URL that you can use to test the Direct Mail “Zap”


Greenrope Direct Mail Integration

Now go back to Postalytics and visit the dashboard for the new campaign. You’ll access some tools at the top of the dashboard:

Greenrope Direct Mail Integration - Postalytics dashboard

Click the ‘Preview Created Mail’ and you will get a popup showing each piece of mail that has been generated. Since you are in test mode by default, this will show you all test mode postcards/letters (none of them are actually sent). If you flip the mail to live mode, this will show live mail that has actually been sent to the printer.

Greenrope Direct Mail Integration- created mail review

You should be ready to flip the switch and go live. You’ll need to turn on your Zap in Zapier, and flip your Triggered Drip Campaign to Live Mode. You’ll be able to use the send direct mail Zapier Action for as long as you fund your Triggered Drip campaign with credits.

Want To Learn More About Zapier And Postalytics?

At Postalytics, we want to hear from marketers. If you have thoughts or questions on Postalytics or Zapier:

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