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Zapier Zoho Direct Mail Integration

Our Zapier Zoho Direct Mail Integration makes it super easy to send automated postcards and letters to your audience with Postalytics. Your sales and marketing team can now trigger personalized direct mail through Zoho. Once setup, your Zoho CRM will be able to trigger personalized and tracked direct mail pieces when any number of events occur in Zoho. There are no minimums with Postalytics so start firing off those mailers!

How To Use The Zapier Zoho Direct Mail Integration

Essentially, Zapier acts as the intermediary between Zoho and Postalytics. Zapier is the easy to use, yet powerful integration platform that both Zoho and Postalytics have written interfaces to. In order to use the Zapier Zoho direct mail integration, you’ll need to do a little setup in each of the tools. A Zapier integration is a called “Zap”. You can setup many different Zaps to accomplish many different objectives. Once setup, the Zapier Zoho direct mail integration will run for as long as you have Postalytics Direct Mail Credits available.

Step 1: Set up a “Triggered Drip” campaign in Postalytics using the Zapier Action method

Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaigns are the revolutionary new way that individual mail pieces can be automatically sent to Zoho Contacts. Setting up the campaign involves creating a postcard or letter template, proofing it, and using the Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign wizard. When you setup your Triggered Drip campaign, be sure to choose the Zapier Integration at the beginning of the process.

Follow the “Step One” instructions from the link below:

How To Setup The Send Direct Mail Zapier Action

Step 2: Start Building Your Zapier “Zap” To Get A Webhook

In order for the Zapier Zoho direct mail integration to work, you’ll need to generate a “Webhook” URL in the Zapier app. This takes a few steps outlined below. Once you’ve generated the Webhook URL, leave the Zapier page open in a browser or tab while you begin setting up Zoho.

After you’ve connected your Zoho account to your Zapier account, you’ll choose a Zoho “Trigger” out of the the Zoho library. In this case, we’ll choose “New Entry” to take advantage of Zoho’s automation and webhook functionality.

zoho zapier direct mail integration - select zoho trigger

Once you’ve chosen your trigger, you can get the Webhook URL by copying it to your clipboard:

zoho zapier direct mail integration - generate webhook

Now, you can move into Zoho and setup your Workflow.

Step 3: Set up your Zoho account to trigger a direct mail piece through Zapier

Note: The Zoho “Zap” that we display below uses the “Workflow Rules” that are available in the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. We’ll trigger a mailpiece automatically each time a Zoho CRM Lead has their Lead Status changed to “Pre-Qualified”.

In your Zoho account, choose “Setup”, then “Workflow Rules”, then “Create Rule”.

zapier zoho direct mail intergration- new workflow rule

Choose the module that will serve as the basis for the triggered direct mail and give the rule a name and description. Note – Postalytics requires First Name and Last Name (or Company), Address, City, State and Zip Code at a minimum to send mail. 

zoho zapier direct mail integration - choose workflow module

Next, Zoho will ask you “When do you want to execute this rule” For this purpose, we’re choosing “On a record action” and when a “Field Update” occurs on the Lead Status field.

zoho zapier direct mail integration - when workflow setup

The “Condition” of the Field Update is what you define next. In this case, when “Lead Status” is “Pre-Qualified”.

zoho zapier direct mail integration - workflow condition

In the Instant Actions drop down, choose “Webhook”:

zoho zapier direct mail integration - choose webhook

Configuring the Webhook in Zoho has a few important components:

  • You must paste the Webhook generated in Zapier in the “URL to Notify” field.
  • You must choose the “POST” method
  • You must add Fields to be passed to Postalytics using the “Parameters in Standard Format”

zoho zapier direct mail integration - setup zoho webhook

The last thing to do is to setup a record in Zoho that meets the condition(s) you’ve created for your Workflow. In this case, we’ve changed the Lead Status to “Pre-Qualified”. Note – it is important that your test (and actual) records contain at a minimum, the following fields:

  • First Name/Last Name (or Company)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

zoho zapier direct mail integration - changed lead status

Step 4: Finish configuring your Zap in Zapier

After your Workflow is configured with the Zapier webhook and you have a valid test record, you can move back to Zapier to finish setting up the integration. Click “OK I did this to send the test record from Zoho to Zapier. You can select to see the test record to ensure the required contact fields have pulled in properly:

zoho zapier direct mail integration - test record in zapier

Configure the Postalytics Action in Zapier

The final step involves connecting Postalytics to the Zap you are creating. You’ll select the Postalytics “Action” from the Zapier library, connect your Postalytics account to Zapier, and then choose the Send and Track Postcard or Letter Action, along with the Triggered Drip Campaign that you configured in Step 1 of this article.

After you’ve chosen your Triggered Drip Campaign, you simply “map” the fields coming in from Zoho to the corresponding fields in Postalytics. It is important that you map the fields at a minimum:


  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Zip Code

zoho zapier direct mail integration - setup zapier action


You can also follow through and test to make sure that the mailpieces flow through Zapier and Postalytics via our “Test Mode” capability within the Triggered Drip Campaign. Read Part 3 of this article to learn more: Testing Your Campaign in Zapier and Postalytics.

Step 5: Test your Zap in Zapier, Postalytics and Zoho

To fully test the zap, go to your Zoho Account, select a lead, and change the status (or whatever you’ve decided to do to trigger a mailing).

At this point Zapier has done a test and you have done a test, so your campaign should have an audience of 2. If you test more contacts, this will increase. You can check the status of the zap by going to the Zapier dashboard and clicking ‘task History’. You should see your test in there like the sample below:

send direct mail zapier action - zapier task history

Now go back to Postalytics and visit the dashboard for the new campaign. You’ll access some tools at the top of the dashboard:

send direct mail Zapier action - Postalytics dashboard

Click the ‘Preview Created Mail’ and you will get a popup showing each piece of mail that has been generated. Since you are in test mode by default, this will show you all test mode postcards/letters (none of them are actually sent). If you flip the mail to live mode, this will show live mail that has actually been sent to the printer.

send direct mail zapier action - created mail review


You should be ready to flip the switch and go live. You’ll need to turn on your Zap in Zapier, and flip your Triggered Drip Campaign to Live Mode. You’ll be able to use the send direct mail Zapier Action for as long as you fund your Triggered Drip campaign with credits.

Want To Learn More About Zapier And Postalytics?

At Postalytics, we want to hear from marketers. If you have thoughts or questions on Postalytics or Zapier:

Contact Postalytics!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to via our Support Center.

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