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Zoho CRM Integration

Postalytics now offers an Integration with Zoho which allows marketers to connect Zoho automations to send out targeted Triggered Drip Campaigns, as well as list based Smart Send Campaigns.

And because the Zoho Integration is 2-way, you’ll be able to receive the mail delivery and response status codes, that you choose, directly into your Zoho CRM.

What Edition of Zoho CRM Do I Need?

In order to Integrate a Zoho account with Postalytics, you’ll need to have Zoho CRM edition, Professional, or higher (at the time of this article).

Essentially, Postalytics needs access to the Zoho CRM “webhooks” feature. To view plans and pricing, visit the Compare Zoho CRM editions page.

What Can I Do With The Zoho CRM/Postalytics Integration?

There are several integration possibilities with Zoho that can help to create automated workflows that generate high ROI postcards and letters. Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaigns now work with Zoho Workflows and Postalytics Smart Send Campaigns work with Zoho CRM Lists.

What does this mean? Essentially you can send personalized and tracked direct mailers to your Zoho Contacts or Leads on a fully automated basis, with your imagination being the only limitation. Some examples of common lists and workflows include:

  • Sale announcements with specials/coupons
  • Post purchase thank you/review request
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Email inactives or unsubscribers
  • Birthdays/anniversaries/contract renewals and other date driven mailers
  • Event invitations like grand openings and other events
  • Existing customer upsell/cross-sell
  • Disengaged customer winback campaigns

How To Setup The Zoho CRM/Postalytics Integration

In order to setup the Zoho/Postalytics direct mail integration, just proceed to the next article!

What About The Zapier/Zoho Integration?

You can also use the Zapier Integration with Postalytics and Zoho, but we think you’ll find this direct integration to be more powerful, faster and ultimately easier to use.

Let’s Connect — We Can Help With Your Zoho Integration!

Regardless if you want to be self serve or if you’d like some help, we’re here for you! We love to talk with customers via email, chat or by scheduled call, so don’t hesitate to reach out:

Contact Postalytics

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