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Automate direct mail with the easy-to-integrate, RESTful Postalytics Direct Mail API. Build your own workflows that take advantage of the most powerful direct mail automation platform available.

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Sending direct mail has traditionally been an offline, batch process involving lots of email, FTP, phone calls and meetings.

Integrate Direct Automation Tool with Modern API

The most powerful direct mail automation tool can now be integrated into your applications and workflows with a robust, modern direct mailing API.

The Postalytics Direct Mail API is a fast, modern, RESTful approach to sending automated postcards and letters without the need for UI-intensive functions like template building, campaign wizards and direct mail analytics presentation.

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Leverage Express Windows

Using Express Windows speeds up the process of integrating the Postalytics Direct Mail API and accomplishes some of the UI-intensive tasks that good direct mail campaigns require with ease.

Express Windows allows the account to build, proof and save templates, run campaign wizards that generate direct mail campaigns, import lists and view detailed campaign dashboards.

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Create powerful workflows

When you’ve got applications or business processes tailored to your organization’s needs, you need to plug tools in that give you flexibility and agility without sacrificing the power of automation.

The Postalytics Direct Mail API enables organizations to automate old-fashioned processes and build automated mail campaigns into their apps and workflows.

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Postalytics provides APIs for the various parts and elements of the direct mail campaign process, ranging from Account API, Contact API, Templates API, Campaign API, and Webhooks API.

Our wide span of integration allows direct marketers to build custom workflows for every step of the process.

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Goodman Manufacturing jumps out of the traditional direct mail process using Postalytics to simplify and automate direct marketing.

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Buffer Insurance automates triggered postcards and letters

Triggered reminders generates leads and referrals for insurance company

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Triggered Direct Mail Leads to Higher Conversions

JM Sells Law integrates with Zapier to automatically trigger personalized direct mail

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MCC drives multi-channel, triggered nurture campaigns

The MCC builds a scalable workflow to generate leads and trigger nurture campaigns

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Fresh City compliments email with direct marketing to keep their orders growing.

Fresh City Targets Email Non-Responders

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