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Managing Agency Edition Orders, Credits And Payouts

As a Postalytics Agency Edition client, you have access to some great tools to help you manage the financial relationship between your Agency and your clients. Postalytics keeps track of each of the campaigns processed in each of your client accounts, and gives you the power to decide, for each of your clients, whether you will bill the client or whether you’d like Postalytics to bill the client, under your name.

Review/Download Monthly Agency Subscription Invoices

The Agency Edition has a monthly subscription fee that is billed to the Agency from Postalytics. You can review or download your monthly invoices when in the Agency Account level and by choosing “Account” and then “Monthly Invoices”. If you click on the invoice, you can download a PDF of it.

agency edition monthly invoices

Client Account Orders

There are two places that you can review Client Account Orders in Postalytics. At the Agency Account level, you can navigate to the “Payouts” link and to the “Transactions” tab. Here you’ll see a chronological listing of each of the campaigns that have been processed in all of your Client Accounts. You can click on the PDF icon to see the details or the orders, or the Export button to download a .CSV file of your orders.

manage orders - postalytics agency edition

The other option is to view the orders for a particular Client Account. Navigate to the Client Account you wish to view, click on the account name and then on “Orders”. You can view/download/export the campaign orders from this screen.

*Note – when viewing the Orders in a Client Account from the main Agency login, you will see the monthly Agency subscription orders as well. When logging in as a client, through the Agency URL, with their username and password, you will not see the monthly subscription orders.

Agency Client Account Orders

Client Account Direct Mail Credits

You can view the balances, purchase and manage the renewal settings for your clients in each of your Client Accounts. Navigate to the desired Client Account, click on the account drop down and on Direct Mail Credits. You can choose the format/class of mail that you want to buy or manage credits for.

agency account direct mail credits

Update Client Account Credit Card/Payment Method

In each Client Account, you can choose to enter the client’s credit card or your agency’s credit card. This will determine who gets billed for Postalytics campaigns. You can change the credit card at any time, just by going into the Client Account, selecting the account drop down and selecting “Payment Method”.

client payment method - postalytics agency edition

Review/Download Payouts

Postalytics keeps track of each of your “Payouts” or commissions associated with all of your Client Account campaigns. At the Agency Account level, just navigate to the account drop down and choose “Payouts”. Then click on the Payouts tab, where you’ll see a chronological listing of each of the payouts you’ve processed. Payouts process on a rolling, every two day basis. The Payouts listed in on the screen may include more than one item, you can click on the “Export” button to see all of the detail.

postalytics agency edition payouts

Update Margin% for Payouts, Bank Account or Debit Card For Payouts

At the Agency Account level, you can change the underlying financial account information that is used across all of your Client Account campaigns.  Click on the account drop down and the “Payouts” link. Here, on the account tab, you can view or modify both the bank account/debit card used for your Payouts, or your Margin %.  Note – there is currently one Margin% that applies to all of your Client Accounts. 

payout agency account info- postalytics agency edition

What’s Next?

If you’ve still got questions, check out our Agency Edition FAQ page.

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