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Build Direct Mail Campaigns In Client Accounts

Once you’ve setup your Agency Account and at least one Client Account, you can build direct mail campaigns in Client Accounts.

thank you note direct mail template - postalytics

The Good News

As a Postalytics Agency Account user, you’ve got access to all Postalytics features and our best per piece pricing. You can build direct mail campaigns in your client accounts that work exactly the same way that they work in a regular Postalytics Pro Account. Below are links to the help articles that can get you started:

Client Account Management Tools

To build great direct mail campaigns for your clients, you’ll need to access some tools that will make the process easy:

Direct Mail Credits – purchase credits that work like stamps. Get volume discounts!

Integrations – setup the authentication for CRM/Marketing Automation integration and/or get the Postalytics tracking code for online response tracking

Domains – manage domains for the pURLs on your client mailpieces. Buy a Vanity Domain or configure and External Domain.

Direct Mail Lists

You can upload lists from files (.CSV, Excel), import them from your client’s CRM or Marketing Automation tool, or search for and buy mailing lists for your clients: Postalytics List Management.

Creative Templates

Postalytics gives you many options to create and manage beautiful, high performing direct mail postcard and letter templates. Learn about Postalytics Direct Mail Templates.

Do you have a designer building postcards offline in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign? Have them download the Postalytics Style Guide in the Build Direct Mail Postcards Offline article.

Learn how to personalize the content in your templates with the Variable Data and Variable Logic articles.

We often get questions from designers about how the pURL and QR Code functions work in Postalytics. Learn more about pURLs/QR Codes and how to think about their structure in our pURL Format & Structure Guide.

Direct Mail Campaign Setup

In Postalytics, there are two different types of campaigns – Smart Send and Triggered Drip Campaigns. The primary difference is that a Smart Send campaign uses a list that you import into Postalytics via various means, while the Triggered Drip campaign “listens” for a trigger from your CRM or Marketing Automation tool to send out individual pieces of mail.

How To Setup A Smart Send Campaign

How To Setup A Triggered Drip Campaign

We often get questions about the Postalytics Tracking Code used to measure online response from the pURLs and QR Codes. Here’s a quick overview guide that you can use to get you started.

Did you know you can personalize landing pages using data from your direct mail campaign? Postalytics has a very cool tool that lets you insert Variable Data and Variable Logic into the HTML of any web page that your audience might visit.

Campaign Analytics

Postalytics provides deep insight into what happens after you send direct mail. You can standout from your Agency competitors by delivering data backed analysis of campaigns. Learn how to navigate the Campaign Dashboards here.


You can easily integrate Postalytics with many different client CRM and Marketing Automation tools.

Review our Salesforce, HubSpot and Zapier integrations.

What’s Next?

After you’ve setup a campaign for one client, you might want to copy a direct mail template to other Client Accounts. Please see the next article in our Agency Edition Help Docs:


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