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FAQs – Zapier Integration

Will my CRM integrate with Postalytics through Zapier?

Zapier connects to thousands of CRMs and apps, but may not support your specific CRM. Searching for your specific CRM on the Zapier Postalytics Integration Page is recommended before you begin.

Can I connect to Postalytics through Zapier if I don’t have a CRM?

You don’t need a CRM to connect to Postalytics through Zapier. Zapier connects to 3,000+ apps, including Google Sheets and even eCommerce apps. All of the Zapier supported apps can be found by searching the Zapier Postalytics Integration Page.

Why do I need to create my Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign first?

Creating a Triggered Drip Campaign is the first step in the process because you’ll need to be able to select a specific Campaign and connect it within your Send and Track a Postcard or Letter Zapier Zap, along with mapping the data fields that will be sent over to Postalytics.

How do I know if my Zapier connection and trigger is working?

Your Zapier Triggered Drip Campaign in Postalytics will be set to Test Mode by default. We’ve done this intentionally so that you’re able to run a full test from your automation trigger through Zapier to Postalytics. This will ensure that the trigger and connection are working properly before any mail pieces are sent out. Once you’ve confirmed this, you’ll manually toggle your Postalytics Campaign to Live Mode to start sending mail pieces.

Does the Postalytics status code write back to my CRM through Zapier?

In order for Postalytics to write back the status codes to your CRM through Zapier, you’ll need to create a separate Zap. See our article Use Postalytics Status Codes Via Zapier to learn more.

Note that some CRMs do not support this function so you’ll want to check on that before creating your Zap.

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