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FAQs – Salesforce Integration

What edition of Salesforce do I need to integrate with Postalytics?

You’ll need one of the following editions to ensure the proper permissions are in place:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

Can I have more than one Salesforce Integration in my Postalytics account?

Yes, you can set up multiple Postalytics Salesforce Integrations within a single Postalytics account.

Can I send Smart Send and Triggered Drip Campaigns from Salesforce?

With the Salesforce Integration you’re able to import lists directly from Salesforce Contacts and Leads to send Smart Send Campaigns. And, you can also send Trigger Drip Campaigns with Salesforce Workflows.

Why do I need to create my Postalytics Campaign first?

This is the first step in the process because you’ll need to be able to select the specific Postalytics Campaign when connecting it to your Salesforce Workflow.

How do I know if my Salesforce trigger is working?

Your Salesforce Triggered Drip Campaign in Postalytics will be set to Test Mode by default. We’ve done this intentionally so that you’re able to run a full test from your Salesforce workflow trigger to Postalytics making sure the trigger works properly before any mail pieces are sent out. Once you’ve confirmed this, you’ll manually toggle the Campaign to Live Mode to start sending mail pieces.

Where can I find the Postalytics status codes in Salesforce?

Postalytics will create a custom field in the Salesforce Contact or Lead with the Mail Drop ID number of your Campaign. For example, Postalytics Mail Drop 572 Event Status. Each time a new status is available, it will override the last one in that field.

You can learn more in our help document Postalytics Status Codes in Salesforce.

Why can’t I see my Postalytics status updates?

The most common reason for this is that the default “Contact Layout” page has been modified or deleted. This default page layout must be in place for Postalytics to send the status codes back into Salesforce.

You can check this within Salesforce by going to setup > object manager > contact object > page layouts. If there is not a page with the exact name Contact Layout (including the space between the two words), then one will need to be created.

How often are the status codes updated?

Postalytics receives scans and updates status codes in real time so the Salesforce Contact or Lead custom field will be updated as we receive them.

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