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Vanity Domains For Direct Mail

How to Purchase and Register a Vanity Domain

We’ve discovered that marketers typically don’t like to mess around with the technical settings of external domains. Also, at larger clients, marketers often don’t want to wait around for an IT person to be provisioned to make the change.

Postalytics developed a simple, fast & not technical process to find and configure vanity domains from within the Postalytics platform.

You can easily search for, purchase and manage vanity domains  marketing campaigns.


Below are step by step instructions on how to search for and purchase a vanity domain in Postalytics.

From the Home page, click on your account and select Domains.

Next, search to see if the domain you have in mind is available. Enter the domain name in the first box, and select the extension from the menu in the second box, and then click Search:

In the example below, we have entered ‘marketingdomains.com’ to see if it is available:

That domain has already been purchased, so we need to make another selection. Let’s try premiermarketingdomains.com:

This domain, primemarketingdomains.com is available, so check the terms and conditions box and click Register Domain. You’ll receive a message asking you to confirm the registration, click Yes, Proceed to Payment Page to proceed.  

You will be directed to the Checkout page.

You’ll receive a message telling you that your domain is being registered: Once your domain has been registered, it will appear on your account’s domain page under Domains and you’ll be ready to use it for pURL campaigns.

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