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How To Test Your pURLs and QR Codes

Postalytics has built an easy way to test your pURLs and QR Codes that work with your pURLs, and make any landing page/domain modifications well before your mailers arrive.

Build Your Smart Send Or Triggered Drip Campaign

Your pURLs are generated in real time when your campaign is created, so the first step is to finish your campaign wizard. Once your campaign is created, go to your campaign dashboard by clicking the action button:

Place your online tracking in test mode

We’ve created a unique “test mode” feature that lets you test your pURLs, make sure the stats are being gathered properly, then clear out your stats before your real traffic arrives.

First, navigate to your Campaign Settings Page:

Under Campaign Status, click “place online tracking in test mode”:

Download and test your pURLs and/or QR’s

First, we’ll review how to download pURLs:

To download the data file with pURLs appended into it, click back to the Dashboard, then “Download Audience including pURLs”.

You data file will download. You can copy a pURL from the far right column of your file and paste it into a browser window:

how to test your purls - data file

If you’re pURLs are working properly, you’ll be redirected to the “Starting URL” landing page you setup in the campaign. You can always modify the the Starting URL in the Campaign Settings page. You should see stats starting to gather in the Campaign Dashboard.

To download QR codes for testing, again make sure your campaign settings are set for “online tracking in test mode”, and return to the dashboard.

Click the “Preview Created Mail” button on the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. It could take a minute or so to generate the preview of your mailpieces:

preview mail button

Next, you’ll see a pop up window with a listing of your mailpieces from the campaign. To test the QR, click the “Preview” button.

preview mail modal window in the postalytics dashboard

Finally, we recommend that you scroll down to the “PDF View” and scan your QR either on screen or print a copy of your mailpiece to test the redirect to your Starting URL.

scroll down to PDF view to test the QR code

When you scan your QR Code, you should be redirected to the “Starting URL” landing page you setup in the campaign. You can always modify the the Starting URL in the Campaign Settings page. You should see stats starting to gather in the Campaign Dashboard.

Clear your stats and place the tracking in live mode

Once you’ve confirmed that your pURLs are resolving to the proper Starting URL and that online activity is being tracked, you can place the campaign tracking back in live mode. Go back to your Campaign Settings page, scroll down and click “make online tracking live and clear stats”. This will clear out the test stats from your campaign dashboard and your campaign will wait for visitors to show up from their pURLs.

You can test your purls as often as you like

If you want to place your campaign in test mode multiple times, don’t worry, you can change between test and live as often as you like. Later on, if you’re campaign is live and you’ve already started accumulating stats, you can put the campaign in test mode to try out changes to your Starting URL or personalization on your web page, and when you make it live, choose to leave the stats rather than clear them.

What if my purls aren’t working?

If you’re pURLs are not working properly, then you’ll see a 404 error when you try to go to your pURL, or you won’t see any stats gathered from the web page(s) that you’re hoping to track.

404 Errors are caused when you have domain issues. There are two typical causes:

a.) Your domain hasn’t fully propagated from your initial setup or changes that you’ve made. It can take up to 24 hours for some domain registrars to get changes propagated.

b.) There are some errors in the settings of your domain. Typically there are no errors when you purchase a vanity domain through Postalytics. If you’ve mapped an external domain to Postalytics, then check your domain settings against our “External Domain” user guide.

Lack of online tracking is caused by the lack of, or blocking of, the Postalytics Tracking Code at your Starting URL and other web pages. This can be fixed by adding or adjusting the position of the Postalytics Tracking Code in the HTML of your pages.

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