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External Domain Setup

How to Add an External Domain

If you’d like to use Postalytics pURLs and/or QR Codes to track your direct mail responders, you’ll need a domain to host your pURLs on. While we recommend purchasing a Vanity Domain right through the Postalytics app (it removes all of the complexity), sometimes you might want to use extra domains that you own and control via other domain registrars. You can follow the below instructions to add what we call an “External Domain” to your campaigns to host pURLs and QRs.

Postalytics does not recommend the following:

  • Don’t try to use your primary domain to host pURLs. This can create tremendous complexity. Use a related domain (rather than “postalytics.com” – our primary domain, we use “trypostalytics.com”, another domain we control.
  • You cannot use subdomains to host your pURLs or QR codes, as pURLs/QRs require you to add a “wildcard” record to your domain and point it to our IP address. pURLs/QRs are in effect, subdomains, and so the wildcard has to live off of a primary, root domain.

Download a PDF Version of this article:

External Domain User Guide PDF

From the Home page, click on your account and select Domains.

On the Domains Page, select the External Domains Tab.  Next, enter the Domain Name in the box provided and click Add:

You’ll receive a message that your domain has been successfully added to your account.

In order to point a domain to Postalytics for a pURL Campaign, you’ll need to add an ‘A‘ Record with a Host value of ‘*’ to your domain registrar’s DNS Zone File.  This will point everything except subdomains that are already assigned to our IP address:

Log in to your hosting company’s admin dashboard, navigate to your domain’s DNS settings, and add an ‘A’ Record with the following values.

  • Host: *
  • Points to:
  • TTL: 1 Hour

Below you will be able to view what your  ‘A’ Record should look like when entered into the dashboards of some popular web hosts including Godaddy, Network Solutions, and Register.com.  Note that the new and correct IP address for Postalytics is ““.


  • After logging into Godaddy, Click your User ID in the upper right corner.
  • Next, click Manage My Domains:

GoDaddy Domain ImageFind the domain you’d like to manage and select it – in this example, we’re editing the YOUR-CAMPAIGN.COM domain:

Go Daddy Domain Registered

On the Domain Settings Page, scroll down and click on Manage DNS:

Your DNS Records for this domain will display:

external domains go daddy records

Scroll to the bottom and Click Add.

Next, select ‘A’ from the drop down list under Type:

And then enter the following:

  •     Host = ‘*’
  •     Points To:
  •    TTL:  1 Hour:

Click Save.

Keep in mind that it takes most domain registrars 24-48 hours to make these changes.

Network Solutions:

After logging into Network Solutions, click on My Domain Names:

Next, click on Change Where Domain Points:

On the next page, select Advanced DSN and click Continue:

On the next page, click on Edit A Records:

On the next page, find the * Host record and update the Numeric IP address with the following:

Do not edit the other A records.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

NWS Wildcard New

You’ll be asked to confirm your updates, click Save Changes:

NWS Confirm Changes

Please note that it may take Network Solutions 24 hours to process this update.


Login to your Register.com account.  Hover over Domains and then select Manage:

On the next page, click Manage for your domain.

On the next page, scroll down to Advanced Technical Settings and click the Edit a row next to Edit IP Address Records:

Enter the following IP address in the box provided for the * record:

Click Continue:

register wild card

You’ll navigate to a confirmation page. Double check that you have pointed the * record to our IP address and then click Continue:

register confirm

Please keep in mind that it will take approximately 24-48 hours for Register.com to make these updates.

Want To Learn More About External Domain Setup For pURLs And Postalytics?

There are a ton of great use cases to send automated direct mail with pURLs and external domains. If you have ideas or questions, we want to hear from you:

Contact Postalytics

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