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FAQs – My Account

Why should I fill out my Profile? Where is the information used?

Your Profile contains your account login information, Company information, billing information, and email addresses for notifications. All of this information is important and each section filled out completely.

The information from your profile is used in multiple places within Postalytics. For example:

  • Your name, phone number and email address may be used to contact you if we have any questions regarding an Order or Campaign. 
  • Your Company information is used to auto populate your return address both in the Template Proofer and the Campaign Wizard, as well as system notifications. 
  • Your billing information is used for invoicing and billing notifications.

Can I change my username and password?

Your username is set up with the email address used when an account is initially created and can only be changed by Postalytics. The username identifies your account and is linked to processing files and other internal workings. If there is a need to change the username, such as the username/email is for a person who is no longer working with your organization, the Postalytics Technical Team will need to update it here on the back end to ensure all of the links remain intact. 

You can change your password at any time on your Profile page by entering the new password, confirming the password, and saving your profile settings.

I need to have system notification and billing emails sent to multiple people. How can I do that?

You can set up multiple emails for system notifications and billing emails on your Profile page. The Profile Information section is where you’ll enter the email addresses to receive system notifications and the Billing Information section is where you’ll enter the email addresses you want to receive billing emails. Be sure to add a comma between each email address, without any spaces. You can update email notifications at any time.

Can more than one user have access to my account?

With a Postalytics Pro Plan Account you can add users to your account and give them access rights at the level you choose – Administrator, Designer, or Read Only. If you do not have a Postalytics Pro Plan Account you can upgrade with a few clicks in your account. See the following Q & A.

How do I change my plan?

Postalytics makes changing your plan easy! It can be done at any time from your account Home Page. Select ‘Change Plan’ from the drop down menu under your account Username, then select the green ‘Change Plan Now’ button under the plan you want to change to. Follow the prompts to completion. You’ll receive an email confirmation of the change, and your credit card will be charged if you’re upgrading to our Marketer or Pro Subscription Plans.

If you’d like to upgrade to our Agency Edition we’ll need to handle that on the Postalytics side, so please reach out to us for that upgrade.

What’s the difference between downgrading to the free plan and canceling my account?

By downgrading to a free plan you’ll ensure that your lists, creative and campaigns are saved and available for use. You can also continue to upload lists, creative and mail campaigns at the free plan tier pricing level.

If you choose to cancel your plan, your account will be deleted and you will no longer have access to any of the above data.

How do Direct Mail Credits work?

By purchasing Direct Mail Credits you are paying for your direct mail in advance. Credits are purchased in the format you desire to mail, in any quantity, and then used to fund your Triggered Drip and/or Smart Send Campaigns. Purchasing Direct Mail Credits up front can save you money by taking advantage of volume discount pricing. Learn more about it in this Postalytics ‘How To’ Video.

How do I buy Direct Mail Credits?

Direct Mail Credits can easily be purchased in one of two ways from your Postalytics Home Page:

  1. Click on the stack of coins icon on the left hand side of the home page, and then ‘Purchase Credits’
  2. Select ‘Direct Mail Credits’ from the drop down menu under your username in the upper right hand corner.

In both instances you’ll select the mailing format (including postage type) and continue through the steps to complete your purchase.
You can also purchase Direct Mail Credits through the Campaign Dashboard of your Triggered Drip Campaign. Upon completion of the Triggered Drip Campaign Wizard your Campaign will automatically be in ‘Test Mode’. In order to toggle the Campaign to ‘Live Mode’ to start sending mail, you need to have Direct Mail Credits in the queue for that format. Simply select the red box indicating Credits are needed and follow the steps above to purchase. A minimum of 100 credits is required to run a Triggered Drip Campaign.

What are the options for reloading Direct Mail Credits?

You can select to have your Direct Mail Credits reload manually or automatically. After the first purchase is done manually, go back into the queue and set them to automatically reload. The system will reload the credits when the balance reaches 10% of the previous purchase and will purchase the same amount of the previous order. This can be updated at any time.

If you would like to purchase credits manually, you’ll receive reminder emails at 50%, 20%, 10%, and 5% of the last purchase quantity. If you run out of credits the Campaign will pause until the credits are reloaded.

If records are triggered over while the mailing is paused, they will be held in queue for a short period of time. If credits are not purchased they will auto delete and will need to be re-triggered once credits are purchased.

Do Direct Mail Credits expire?

Your Direct Mail Credits will not expire, however, it’s important to note that they are not transferable between formats, including postage type (first class or standard postage), or between Account plan types.

Why will I lose my Direct Mail Credits if I downgrade my plan?

When you purchase Direct Mail Credits at any plan level, you are paying for those credits at the quantity/tier pricing for that plan. When you change your plan, your credits are no longer valid at the previous plan’s pricing and do not transfer over. If you’re contemplating a plan change, you’ll want to use up the Direct Mail Credits that you have in the queue before doing so.

Do I have to pay with a credit card?

Postalytics requires a credit card on file in the account for subscription billing and Campaign purchases. When paying for a Campaign, you can either use the credit card on file or enter a new credit card in the Campaign Wizard. Or, if you’ve previously purchased Direct Mail Credits, you can choose to use those.

Postalytics can manually create and send out an invoice for the advance purchase of Direct Mail Credits. This must be done with enough time for the invoice to be paid in full so that the Direct Mail Credits can be deposited into your account prior to the Campaign send. Let us know if you’d like to pay via invoice so that we can assist.

What if I have questions while connecting to the API?

You can find our API documentation here. If you have questions or any issues connecting to our API, please reach out to us so that one of our technical team experts can assist you.

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