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Purchase A Mailing List

Postalytics can help you purchase or rent highly targeted mailing lists from the best list brokers in the industry.

We can help you acquire high quality lists at competitive pricing, including:

  • Saturation Lists – Choose your targets from a database of every known address in the U.S. verified by the USPS.
  • Consumer Lists – Zero in on geographies and demographics like age, income, home ownership and more.
  • Business Lists – Pick your industries by SIC code and then by firmographic data such as annual sales, employees, etc.
  • Specialty Lists – Everything from Pre-Movers to New Movers and specialty business lists

If you’d like to speak with us more about Postalytics Lists, the import process, how to edit the lists or contacts within them, please reach out to us.

Learn More About Purchased Mailing List Options

We love talking with clients, partners and marketers of all types about how Postalytics can be used to solve problems and build great campaigns. If you’d like to learn more about how Postalytics can help you acquire powerful mailing lists – please reach out!

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