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FAQs – Direct Mail Lists

What file types can I import?

Both Excel and .CSV files can be imported into Postalytics.

Is there a specific format I should use?

Yes. We recommend that you Download A Sample Data File to see the required formatting, including the header format and fields.

There are also a few other formatting specifics you’ll want to review before importing your list: 

  • All data must be contained in one sheet
  • All columns need a header or title in the same row. 
  • Headers must be alphanumeric – no spaces, no blank columns.
  • Do not include hidden columns or rows
  • Do not use special characters, only letters and numbers
  • Do not wrap text
    • Make sure “Wrap Text” is unchecked for the entire sheet
  • All data must be in text format, no formatting or formulas

What fields are required?

In order to deliver your mailpiece there are standard fields that are required. They are: 

  • First Name (separate from Last Name)
  • Last Name (separate from First Name) **If you aren’t able to separate your First Name, Last Name data into separate fields, you can map those to the Company field.
  • Company
  • Address 1
  • City
  • State (Either the 2 letter abbreviation “MA”, or the valid full state name”Massachusetts”)
  • Zip code (Either the 5 digit numeric “02370”, or 5 digit dash 4 digit numeric “02370-1234”)

What if my Zip code is missing the leading zero?

Postalytics will take care of that for you. As long as there is a valid City and State, we’ll add the leading zero to the Zip code.

Can I add fields for personalization?

Postalytics allows you to add up to 35 variable fields for personalization in your creative. Just be sure the fields are in your data file and map them over during the import process.

Are there character limits in the data fields?

Yes. This is needed for standardization. All field character limits are alpha/numeric.

The Required fields and their character limits are:

  • First Name: 20 characters
  • Last Name: 20 characters
  • Company: 40 characters
  • Address: 64 characters
  • Address 2 (used for apartment #, suite#, etc.): 64 characters
  • City: 50 characters
  • State: 2 digit short code “MA” or valid full name “Massachusetts”
  • Zip code: 5 digit numeric “02370” or 5 dash 4 digit numeric “02370-1234”

Optional fields and their character limits are:

  • Email: 100 characters
  • Occupation: 255 characters
  • Phone: 50 characters
  • Mobile: 50 characters
  • Website: 500 characters
  • Variable Data fields 1 – 35: 255 characters

If the number of characters in a field exceeds the limit, then the data will be truncated at the maximum character count.

What happens to invalid records?

Invalid records will not be mailed and you will not be charged for them. They are marked as invalid within your list at the time of upload and will be red when the list is viewed. To view the list, select the Edit option in the dropdown menu to the right of the list name. 

To download a .csv file of the invalid records, select the ‘Invalid’ checkbox under Address Status and then ‘Search’. Once all of your invalid records are found, select ‘Download’.

Invalid records can be fixed within Postalytics to allow them to be mailed. You can also fix them offline and re-upload your list.

Does Postalytics check for duplicate records?

We do! The deduping process looks at all of the name & address fields, including company, and removes any with an exact match. 

Here’s an example of a duplicate match – one of these will be removed from the mailing:

  1. Record 1: John Smith, My Company USA, 1234 Main St, Anytown MA 02370
  2. Record 2: John Smith, My Company USA, 1234 Main St, Anytown MA 02370

Here’s an example of a non-match – both of these will remain in the mailing:No match example:

  1. Record 1: John Smith, My Company USA, 1234 Main St, Anytown MA 02370
  2. Record 2: Jon Smith, My Company, 1234 Main St, Anytown MA 02370

Can I purchase a Direct Mail List through Postalytics?

Yes, Postalytics can help you purchase a Direct Mail List. Simply fill out our Mailing List Purchase Form, click submit and we’ll get to work on a quote for you. If you’d like additional information on selects, specific to B2B or B2C, please reach out to us and we’ll send that over to you.

How do I search for an individual contact over multiple lists?

Searching for a contact across all of your mailing lists is something you can easily do within Postalytics. Simply choose ‘Search Contacts’ from the drop down menu under ‘Lists’, enter any combination of First Name, Last Name or Company and click ‘Search’. You’ll then see a list of contacts that meet the search criteria.

Can I edit or remove a contact across mailing lists?

Yes, you can do those too! Once you’ve searched for the contact and have your results, simply click the action button to the far right on the record line and choose what you’d like to do. ‘View Contact’ allows you to view and edit/update the record. ‘Delete Contact’ does just that.

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