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FAQs – Webhook Integration

When would I use the Incoming Webhooks Integration?

You can use the Incoming Webhook Integration with any software that can “post” the required data for a direct mailer to a webhook URL. 

Where can I find my Authentication/API Key?

You’ll find your authentication or API key at the bottom of your Profile page, under your user name. You can also find it on the summary page when you create an Incoming Webhook Triggered Drip Campaign.

Once your campaign is created, you’ll then be able to find the key in the Campaign Settings, along with the Webhook URL and HTTP Request Information.

View our API Documentation

Can I get status updates back from Postalytics through Webhooks?

Yes, with a little bit of setup you can receive status updates on any of the Campaigns you’ve sent out.

In the drop down menu under your Username, select ‘Webhooks’, then the edit icon for the Campaign of choice. Enable the Webhook, enter your Endpoint URL, and click ‘Update’.

You can learn more about the Webhook JSON you’ll receive from us, the status codes, and walk through this setup process by reviewing our Webhooks help document.

Are my incoming mail requests and outgoing events logged anywhere so I can review?

Yes, they are. To review the incoming and outgoing activity on a webhook based campaign, open the logs option from the dropdown menu under your Username.

From the logs area, you can view both the incoming webhooks direct mail posts to Postalytics as well as the webhook event posts from Postalytics.

The logs are all saved and presented in JSON format.

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