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FAQs – Creative Templates

What sizes and formats can I use?

Postalytics offers the following sizes and formats:

  • 4×6 Color Postcard
  • 6×9 Color Postcard
  • 6×11 Color Postcard
  • 8.5×11 Color Letter
  • 8.5×11 Color Extra Pages, up to 6 pages, can be 2 sided for up to 12 pages total
  • #10 Plain Double Window Envelope – included with all 8.5×11 letters
  • #10 Custom Single Window Envelope – pre-ordered at an additional cost and used instead

How can I design a postcard or letter?

Postalytics gives you three options for designing your postcard or letter:

  1. Choose one of our Pre-built Templates
  2. Create your Postcard Template or Letter Template directly within the Postalytics Editor
  3. Design offline and upload into Postalytics. 

Click here to watch a short video to learn more about the Postalytics Template Editor.

How can I design a custom envelope?

You’ll start with the same three design options as a postcard or letter, but there are a few differences in the custom envelope template design. Be sure to check out our help doc How to Create Custom Envelopes for all of the details.

Where can I find the templates and specs to build offline?

You can find all of the specs to build your creative offline and a link to the Postalytics templates in our Style Guide.

Can I upload a PDF?

PDF files are not supported within Postalytics as the templates are managed as HTML. The file formats that are supported are JPG or PNG. The exact file specifications needed can be found in the Style Guide link above.

Why can’t I change or delete the address area in the templates?

The address area on the letter and postcard templates are standardized areas that ensure the same placement for all of the printers within our print network and USPS requirements. All creative aspects should be designed outside of this area as there will be a white box that will cover any text and/or images.

Can I add variable data, variable logic, and/or variable images?

Yes, you can! Whether you’re designing your creative offline or within our Editor you can add personalization with variable data, variable logic, and/or variable images. If you’re designing with an offline tool, just leave space so that you can add the variable element of choice to that specific area once the creative has been uploaded.

Additional information on personalization using variables can be found in the links below:

Variable Data Personalization

Variable Logic Personalization

Variable Image Personalization

How do I add a pURL or QR Code to the template?

The pURL and QR Code elements are placed onto the creative template during the design process. If you are designing offline, leave space to add those elements once uploaded.

Select either of both of the elements from the toolbar on the left hand side within the Template Editor and drag them to their proper position on the template. You can then resize and/or edit as you’d like.
*Note: The template placement is for visual purposes only. The final setup is done within the Wizard when you are creating your Direct Mail Campaign.

Can I copy a template?

Yes, copying a template is easy to do within the template library. Simply select ‘Copy’ from the ‘Action Menu’ on the far left. Rename, edit accordingly, save and Proof your new template to be used in another Campaign.

Why do I have to Proof my templates?

Proofing your template allows you to see your creative merged with data. You can either choose to use a list you’ve imported or you can choose Postalytics sample data.

Proofing allows you to view how the pURL will render on the mailpiece, along with any other variable elements you’ve got in your design. This is also your opportunity to ensure your images, elements and text are rendering properly before print. And, if you’d like to download or print a PDF proof, you can do that in the Proofer.

All creative must be proofed before it can be selected to use within a campaign.

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