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Triggered Drip Campaign Test Mode

Postalytics has a unique feature called “Test Mode” that lets you test your integrated Triggered Drip Campaign to make sure that it is working properly, without producing mail or using up your Direct Mail Credits. You can send triggered drips from HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier to your Test Mode campaign while you tweak and configure your creative, your data and/or your integration. You can toggle your campaign between Test Mode and Live Mode as often as you like.

triggered drip campaign test mode - campaign listing

When you create a new Triggered Drip Campaign – it is in Test Mode by default. 

Test your Triggered Drip – Trigger A Mailer To Be Sent In Your CRM/Marketing Automation

In order to test your triggered drip, you’ll first need to “fire” a trigger from your CRM/Marketing Automation tool. The testing process is the same regardless of which tool you are using.

In this example, we’re using screen shots from a Zapier Integration with a tool called Boingnet.

This same process can be followed for HubSpot, Salesforce and any other Triggered Drip integrations.

Step 1: go to your Boingnet account (or other CRM/Trigger tool), open the list you choose above and add a new contact. You need to make sure they have a proper name and address (without proper name and or company and address information, the test will not work). Click save and the Zap should fire.

send direct mail zapier action - boingnet contact test

At this point  you have done a test, so your campaign should have an audience of 1 If you test more contacts, this will increase. You can test as many times as you like with test mode, and you don’t have to worry about sending mail or using credits. You can check the status of the zap by going to the Zapier dashboard and clicking ‘task History’. You should see your test in there like the sample below:

send direct mail zapier action - zapier task history

Now go back to Postalytics and visit the dashboard for the new campaign. You’ll access some tools at the top of the dashboard:

Click the ‘Preview Created Mail’ and you will get a popup showing each piece of mail that has been generated. Since you are in test mode by default, this will show you all test mode postcards/letters (none of them are actually sent). If you flip the mail to live mode, this will show live mail that has actually been sent to the printer.

send direct mail zapier action - created mail review

You should be ready to flip the switch and go live. You’ll just need to flip your Triggered Drip Campaign to Live Mode. The campaign will run for as long as you fund your Triggered Drip campaign with credits.

Want To Learn More About Postalytics Test Mode?

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