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How To Review Final Mailpieces

With Postalytics, it’s easy to review final mailpieces after you’ve created your Smart Send or Triggered Drip Campaign. Postalytics has an easy to use feature that will generate a high resolution PDF of each piece of mail that you have sent within just a few minutes of your campaign being created.

Review Final Mailpieces In Campaign Dashboards

To review your final mailpieces, start by opening up your Smart Send or Triggered Drip Campaign Dashboard. On the top right hand side, select the button labeled “Preview Created Mail”.

You’ll see a list of the individual postcards or letters that have been generated from your list or drip campaign. You can scroll down the list and choose “Next” to review all of the final mailpieces that you’ve generated.

review final mailpieces - list of pieces generated

To look at a specific piece in more detail, or to print, download or share it, select the “Preview” button next to the piece. You’ll get a new page that is generated that contains a high resolution PDF of the specific mailpiece. Choose any of the buttons to share or download for emailing or printing.

review final mailpieces - high res pdf
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