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How To Search For A Mailpiece In A Campaign

how to search for a mailpiece in a campaign

After you’ve generated your campaign, you may need to find a specific mailer that you’ve sent. Sometimes clients need to research which mailer was sent to which contact, review the personalization, or keep a record of each piece of mail sent to specific contacts.

We’ve created a fast, easy way to locate, view and download any mailer that you send in a Smart Send or Triggered Drip campaign. We store a PDF copy of your mailpiece for a full year (365 days) after your campaign is generated. 

How To Search For A Mailpiece In Postalytics

To start looking for a specific mailer or contact that you’ve mailed to, you start by entering the Campaign Dashboard of the campaign that generated the desired mailpiece.  

Next, click the “Preview Created Mail” button in the upper right corner.

preview mail button in campaign dashboard

You’ll be presented with images of a few of the mailers from the campaign, along with a search function. You can scroll and page through the mailers, or type in any combination of First Name, Last Name or Company to return a search result: 

created mail review search function

If your first search doesn’t turn up the contacts/mailers you were looking for, click the “Clear” button and try again with a different spelling or combination of words. 

Finally, to view the actual PDF of the mailpiece that was sent, click the “Preview” button under the contact’s name. 

PDF of final mailpiece available for download or printing

From here you can easily download or print the PDF of the final mailpiece. 

If you have any question about how to find a contact record, or any other Postalytics, questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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