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FAQs – Direct Mail Analytics

Where do I find the analytics?

You’ll find Direct Mail and Online Analytics in two areas within your Postalytics account. 

  1. The Postalytics Home Page 
  2. The Campaign Dashboard

What’s the difference between the home page dashboard and the campaign dashboard?

The Postalytics Home Page Dashboard offers analytic summaries of your last 10 campaigns for mail delivery, online activity, and conversion goals, in a series of different charts and graphs.

The Campaign Dashboard offers analytics specific to each campaign and allows you to drill down into each of the status categories to view and download real time, detailed data.

Where can I find the terms and definitions for each of the dashboard stats?

Campaign Dashboard terms and definitions can be found in our help document Direct Mail Dashboard Terms and Definitions

Why aren’t my stats updating?

Stats are updated in real time when we receive updates from our print network and scans from the USPS. At times your stats may appear ‘stuck’ in a particular status, but rest assured that once we receive an update, they’ll start moving.

It’s important to note that there is a 2 business day turnaround time before the printer hands off the mailing to the USPS and it can then take up to 24 hours to receive the first USPS received scan. There can also be times when scans are delayed throughout the USPS delivery process, and although it is rare, scans can be missed altogether in the delivery process.

How do I download or run reports?

Postalytics allows you to view and download reports in two easy ways:

  • In the Campaign Dashboard, you’re able to download individual reports from each of the mail status and online activity categories. Simply click the ‘Details’ button for any status that you want reporting for, then click ‘Export Data’ in the bottom right corner of that detail area. A .csv file will be downloaded with the data from that specific category.
  • A Campaign Mail Events Report can also be run and downloaded for each of the Mail Events that have occurred within a Campaign, for a specified time frame. You’ll access this reporting option from the ‘Action’ button to the right of the Campaign Name within the Campaigns Page. Select ‘Report’, select the tie. Our Mail Events Report help document provides more information and detailed instructions.
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