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Secure Printing and Mailing

Postalytics network of print and mail partners are thoroughly vetted for compliant, safe and secure operational standards.

Personalization is a way to win over your staff, clients, and prospects and take your relationship a step further. An automated postcard printing and mailing solution provides you with several customization and personalization options relevant to the intended recipient.

Building Mailing List

With the automated postcard printing and mailing solution, you can build a mailing list consisting of several clients and prospects’ mail addresses.

Forgetting to send important events’ postcards to the clients may jeopardize your relationships with them. Ensure long-term alliances by setting event-based triggers that will send out postcards with personalized and relevant messages to the intended client after getting your confirmation.

Address Verification Postcard

Ideal for businesses needing to verify that their customer actually resides at the address provided during an online signup process.

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